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Self-Care For Mind, Body, and Heart - Practical Ideas for Busy People

You have never ending to-do lists every week. You're being pulled this way and that with errands, cooking, cleaning, work, family, and the list goes on. There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. Sound anything like you? Keep at it and you'll be feeling depleted. That's why it's so important to make time to care for yourself. If you can chisel out 20-30 minutes each day, I'll give you tips on what you can do to focus on you and recharging.

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We often think of the words "self-care" and imagine it taking several hours to set up and enjoy a bubble bath with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries, so we tell ourselves, "Eh, maybe some other day when I have more time." You'll never have more time because there will always be something that comes up that we allow to take up all of our time.

If you have time to fiddle on your social media apps each day, or watch an episode of any show, or take a shower - you have time for yourself. If you feel as though you don't have time for any of these things, then you need to first make yourself a priority. An empty glass of water can't help anyone quench their thirst. It serves no purpose without itself being filled with water. Let yourself be filled with love and energy before you can go and help anyone else.

Here are some activities that will take you 30 minutes or less. If you read my previous posts about health, you know that I don't like us to live passively. Watching a show on TV is not mentally stimulating. It's a passive action. So, all the activities I list are going to be positively and actively helpful for you. I also excluded workouts since that should already be a daily activity to lower stress, which I described in depth in a previous post here. I divided these into four categories: Relax, Mind, Body, and Renew.

In the Relax category, you have options that are meant to relax your body and mind. You're providing physical self-care to your skin, relaxing your muscles, and emptying your mind of all your stress.

The Engage Your Mind category are activities that make you think solely on the activity at hand. It's meant for you to learn something new or improve on something you already know how to do - keeping your mind off of any stressors.

When You Feed Yourself delicious or comfort food, it feels like a great big hug. That's what this third category is encouraging - a time where you feel good indulging in something sweet or healthy, but nonetheless delicious.

The Renew category is for you to renew something within you, the space around you, and your relationships with a loved one. Rotate through the categories to keep things fresh and not repetitive.

self care for mind, body, and heart


  • Face Mask + chill playlist (like this one from Spotify)

  • Manicure & Pedicure + scented candle

  • Bubble Bath

  • Face Massage (use your knuckles to massage the temples & jaw muscles)

  • Evening Walk (+ listen to an audiobook or podcast)

warm hot bath spa

Engage Your Mind

  • Photography (take pictures of pretty things using a DSLR - decor, nature, etc)

  • Learn to play a new instrument (Ukulele, guitar, keyboard, etc)

  • Paint (find a picture of a painting to mimic or try your hand at abstract art)

thinking tasks notebooks laptop

Feed Your Body

  • Make & Eat Your Favourite Dessert (on cheat day)

  • Make Yourself a Healthy Smoothie

  • Sip on a hot drink (brew coffee/tea or make hot cocoa)

eating desserts cake strawberry


  • Decorate Your Space (workspace, lounge area, etc)

  • Read a Self-Help Book (improve on something)

  • Sing a Song

  • Call a Loved One (reconnect)

read a book with coffee

treat yourself

It's so important for you to make time for yourself to recharge. I want to hear from you about how easy and helpful it is to apply these activities each day. Prioritise yourself and you can take on life's challenges with a more positive perspective.

self care tips for busy people

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That's fantastic Katie! You're really keeping your day well rounded.


These are some great ways to practise self care! In fact, I think I achieve at least one of each category each day. I end my day with a podcast/meditation/audiobook, I take time to practise guitar each day, I take photos regardless of whether they’re for my blog or not, and I try to read at least a few pages of my book each day. Great advice for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to practise self care!

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