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Best Vegan Burgers in London (keeping the budget of £10 and under)

The produce, seafood, and meat at the supermarkets in London are so fresh compared to back at home (thanks to noGMO and artificial fillers) that I end up cooking at home more often. When I eat clean, there are times where I have a major hankering for a juicy fast food Whopper from Burger King or a more gourmet-style burger from 5 Napkins Burger in NYC. I'll show your the best places to go in London for vegan burgers.

After Veganuary came to a close, I decided to venture out and satiate my burger munchies with vegan burgers. These places were chosen based on online reviews, attractive pictures posted by the public, and the flavors I was looking for. Believe me when I say I traveled 30 minutes just to find some of these places and it was so worth it!


My first stop was Mildred's. They have four locations and I went to the Camden Town shop. Mildred's menu is solely vegan and their site is very welcoming which drew me to want to visit. I ordered the teriyaki chick'n burger with plum teriyaki, shichimi mayo, kale, pickled red onion and carrot, on a brioche bun.

teriyaki chick'n burger Mildred's

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The fried chick'n (planted-based not real chicken, of course) was crispy and light. It didn't have that heavy greasy taste you often get with fried foods. The pickled vegetables were a great balance to the fried chick'n and slightly heavy shichimi mayo, but the mayo had dynamic flavor that added to the dish.

A proper gourmet burger is finished with a slightly sweet and fluffy bun which this burger delivered. Of course, I won't steer you wrong with cheap eats as this one was £9. Check it out if you get the chance. I'm going back for round two soon.


In the hip shops of Spitalfield, I stopped by Mooshie's London. It's been getting a lot of hype on vegan instagram posts of Londoners. The Spitalfield market and shops are a place everyone should check out if you're new to London or have some spare time to walk around for shopping and new food trends. People kept telling me to go and now I see that it's definitely for hipsters.

spitalfields market london

Mooshie's has five different burgers to choose from and I chose the "What's Your Beef?" burger because the description sounded closest to a classic burger, without any frills. So I hoped it had the flavours I was expecting in a classic burger. What's it made of you ask?

The "What's Your Beef?" burger is made of a black bean and organic quinoa patty, melted vegan cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, Mooshies burger sauce, gherkins, and iceburg lettuce. You can be sure this is going to a hearty, stacked burger.

Mooshies spitalfields burger
what's your beef vegan burger

One bite into this perfectly manicured, instagrammable vegan burger and my eyes lit up! As expected with a black bean and quinoa patty, it was soft and a bit mushy. Yet the patty retained it's shape after each bite and the soft texture was contrasted with crunchy bits that wasn't the lettuce. I'm still unsure what gave it that lovely texture.

Vegan cheese does not melt well in my experience, but this cheese was all wonderfully goopy and messy like you would expect from a standard cheddar cheese. Finally, the bun just topped my experience with it's fluffy, buttery brioche texture and flavor.

I don't know about you, but I have cravings for fast food after eating clean for a while and my cravings often turn towards Burger King, Chik-Fil-A, and so forth. This "What's Your Beef?" burger reminded me of a upscale, gourmet Burger King Whopper and I mean that in the best way.

It's that delicious bad-for-you burger flavor but it's actually healthy with 19 grams of protein and less than 500 calories per burger! This beats any fast food or even meat burger where you're looking at nearly 1000 calories per burger. So, I didn't feel guilty eating Mooshie's burgers at all. Best of all, it was going to keep me full longer and wasn't going to spike my blood sugar.

Coppa Club

A restaurant with a great vibe and a dome you can eat in outdoors (yes, a dome!) is Coppa Club. They have the regular Coppa Club Burger made with a beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and cheddar cheese surrounded by a glazed bun. But I ordered the Vegan Burger which is a beetroot, quinoa, chick pea, and coriander patty inside a soft glazed bun with pickles.

These are hearty burgers with a side of delicious skinny fries. The texture of the beetroot burger was pretty similar to that of a beef patty, which was interesting. It was well-seasoned and balanced well with the pickles on top. Of course, the brioche burger was magnificently fluffy and sweet. The only thing I was worried about with eating this burger was pink teeth due to the beetroot (LOL!).

Make sure you make reservations for the outdoor seating in the dome beforehand if you wanted to experience eating in a clear dome. It's pretty interesting and a unique experience. They're usually booked for weeks in advance especially for weekend reservations.

coppa club beetroot burger

There are so many more I need to try because London is very vegan-friendly! But I couldn't keep this to myself so I had to share what I tried so far. I hope you get a check to them out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. I can't say any of these burgers were similar to each other. They have their own unique textures and flavours which is perfect because you don't want the same thing all of the time. Now, you have options to choose from. If you need a bit more guidance, I always recommend a fantastic food tour like Eating Europe. They'll immerse you in the culture, have you meet locals, and show you the best food and drinks of the town!

best vegan burgers london

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