Must Have Apps for Traveling Abroad (Make Traveling Easier)

Traveling the world couldn't be easier nowadays. There are so many mobile applications to use to make your travels a smoother process. No need for looking up 10+ different confirmation emails or creating a spreadsheet for your itinerary and contacts anymore. All you need are some of these helpful apps and you can enjoy your holiday knowing your vacation is streamlined for you.

There are many local applications tailored to make traveling in each country easier. But the following article will cover the mobile apps you can use for several countries you visit, not just the one. That way, you don't need multiple apps using up the memory on your phone and if you travel to multiple countries, it is all streamlined in a select few apps.

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The Travel


When you sign into TripIt using your email account, the app will pull all of your travel information from your emails and compile them here.

This allows you to streamline all of your travel data into one hub so that you don't have to search multiple different emails in your inbox every time you forget what's next in your itinerary.

Since the travel information is organised into a timeline, the app will provide alerts for the next event in your itinerary.

You can also share your trip with others using the share button.

If there are changes to your flight or even cancellations, TripIt will notify you and help you find a new flight.


Wanderlog is another travel app that will consolidate your trip itinerary into one place by connecting to your email account.

Once your email account is connected to Wanderlog, the app will pull your travel data into an organised page so you never miss a beat.

What's great about Wanderlog besides the consolidation of your itinerary is that you can post stories about your latest vacation while also viewing other people's travel stories as well.

It's a great way to share your holiday adventures to inspire others while you also look for inspiration from them.

Dare I say, it's a bit like Instagram for traveling.


For domestic flights, it's not a big deal to arrive at the airport one to two hours before your flight's departure time. But when it comes to international flights, you never want to gamble with time.

It can be hit or miss as to whether you make it through airport security and to your gate in time, so as a rule of thumb for international flights, people leave for the airport 3+ hours prior to their departure time to get to there early.

The problem with this is only when there is no extra time required to get through airport security. Some glorious days, all of the stars align and you get from the airport entrance to your gate within 30 minute, but you buffered out 3+ hours for this. What do you do now for the next 2.5 hours? Where do you wait? How do you make the time pass? Especially when many shops in the airport aren't even open at that early or late of a time?

That's when airport lounge access comes in handy. But say you don't have status or don't want to pay for an annual membership when you only travel a couple of times a year. That's when Loungebuddy comes into play.

The Loungebuddy mobile app provides you with access to several airport lounges at the click of a button on the application just by paying an admission fee.

The prices vary based on which airport lounge you choose. The Loungebuddy application will also tell you where in the airport you can find each specific lounge so you're not wasting time or getting lost looking for it.


Do you plan on traveling abroad to a country where you don't speak the language? Or maybe you already have and experienced the struggles of trying to use hand motions to get your point across to a stranger.

Uber, the rideshare mobile application, is active in over 60 countries and 900 cities worldwide. With rates that are often cheaper than that of a cab, it's easy to set up for a driver to pick you up right where you stand.

Especially in a country where you don't speak the language or taxis are difficult to come by, the Uber rideshare mobile app can be a lifesaver.