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The Best of London Nightlife - From Craft Beer to Blues Bars

It's been a stressful week with your boss breathing down your neck and with deadlines to meet. You wrapped up the work week like a boss and now it's time to celebrate the start of the weekend. The time you've waited for has arrived. But where do you go for a night out in London? Let me show you some options and you decide where the party's going to be.

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Probably the place to find all of the hipsters in their 20s and 30s is going to be in Shoreditch. As an area in East London filled with trendy restaurants, bars, and graffiti, it's an excellent atmosphere for nightlife and where you'll find trendsetters everywhere you go. You can go to dinner first at one of the many restaurants nearby then end up at a bar for a nightcap. Or you can go bar hopping from the most cozy places to hot dance clubs. The sky's the limit in the city.

craft beer bar london

Craft Beer Co.

Do you love craft beer? Then, you're in luck! There's a place called Craft Beer Co right by the Old Street station and it holds over 50 different beers on tap, cans, and bottles in rotation. These range from casks, ciders, pale ales, sours, and the list goes on. Craft beers, which are wildly popular in the States, are finally picking up some popularity here in London.

craft beer company
50 different beers bar

Craft Beer Co is more of a chill, quiet bar. The music isn't blaring loud and there are a few tables and chairs, so it's a great place to just talk with friends over a drink. On the weekends its quiet busy so just be aware it may take some time to grab a drink. Since it's not one of those dimly lit bars, it feels more casual - where you would take a friend to chat over uniquely tasting beers amongst other adventurous drinkers.


Hoxton Seven

A florescent-lit hard-to-miss bar in Shoreditch is the Hoxton Seven. They have a bar on the ground floor and the basement level. The ground floor has gigantic U-shaped couches where you can meet up with a large group of friends to share drinks and food. The inviting lights and cool vibes on this floor makes a night out not seem so energy-draining. If you do want to kick it up a notch and dance, you can go to the basement level, grab some shots and dance the night away in front of a live DJ.

Hoxton Seven shoreditch bar

With consistent cocktails and a live DJ facilitating good vibes, it's a great place to catch up with friends and let off some steam from work. They also serve food so you could make this a dinner and nightcap spot all in one.


The Hoxton

A massive space that feels a bit more chic is the Hoxton most likely because it's a part of a hotel. There's plenty of room to bring a group of friends and dance all night. The ambient lighting and great music sets a fun mood. I'd say the only drawback was the massive queue to order drinks at the multiple bars. The ratio of customers to bar tenders was far too high. You're probably waiting about 30 minutes just to order a single drink on a Saturday night.

the hoxton hotel london
indoor bar night life


The Blues Kitchen

A cute gem I stumbled upon recently brings us back to Camden Town to a place called The Blues Kitchen. It's similar to an open mic venue but purely for local blues artists to perform. Usually, its a full band and you just want to stand, sip on your whisky, and sway to the fun, live music.

The bar menu is extensive from cocktails to whiskeys to milkshakes. So, you can always grab an empty booth and chat with your friends over a milkshake. I, myself, can never turn down a Nikka from the barrel, which this bar has plenty of. There's also a karaoke room if you wanted to sing instead of listening to music.

Blues Kitchen Camden Town London



Kwānt is a dimly lit, classy cocktail bar. It's perfect to try out with a date or friends over in Mayfair. I mentioned it in my previous post called Must Try Cocktail Bars in London. A bit on the pricey side at about £15-18 per drink, but you're basically paying for the experience.

It's a luxurious cocktail bar with soft suede one- and two-seater couches and servers in penguin suits. The cocktails are refreshing and made with such precision. You'll feel very classy coming here. So, make sure you dress up a bit for the occasion.

Kwant cocktail bar red drink



If you're looking for a mix of everything including great cocktails, a live DJ, a mesmerizing sound system, an atmosphere where you can sit or dance, then you're looking for Spiritland in Spitalfields. I mentioned Spiritland in a previous post called Must Try Cocktail Bars in London. My friends and I easily spent hours here catching up with each other and swaying to the great music the DJ was laying out. Trust me when I say that the DJ has some great vibes.

One more great thing about Spiritland is that it's next door to the famous Indian restaurant called Dishoom. Dishoom has some excellent drinks as well, but you can't spend hours here when there's a consistently long queue waiting to be seated. So, if you want to continue the chat with your friends, it's perfect to pop over to Spiritland to keep the night going.

Spiritland cocktail bar Spitalfields

If you're looking for cocktails during the day, you can look back to my post about Must Try Cocktail Bars in London. Hang out, dance, discover new drinks, and catch up with your friends. These places are excellent ways to do all of this. Have fun and let the stress of your workweek melt away. Let me in on how your weekend goes by leaving a comment below.

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